Moonfruit HTML V6 Update

Moonfruit have posted an update on their Blog – Moonfruit Lounge re the upgrade from V5 to V6. They have now confirmed that the lastest date V6 will be avalible is June 2013.

You can read more about the full upgrade here

In the meantime you can still create you own website using V6 beta which will allow your site to be viewed on tablets such as the IPAD. More on that subject is here.

There are some other links that you might find of interest.

V6 Templates

New link buttons, navigation and shop category’s



Moonfruit IPAD HTML5

Moonfruit IPAD HTML5

It’s finally here,

“What’s that?” I here you cry….

Well I believe it’s the most important development seen in the history of Moonfruit, the ability to create a Moonfruit website in HTML5.

So what does this mean to me?

It means that you can still create a website quickly and easily using their fabulous, user friendly and non techie website builder, however instead of the final site being published in Flash you will be able to publish your site in HTML5.

The fundamental difference between Flash and HTML5 is that those of us who now use our tablets, Apple IPADS etc to ‘surf the web’ will, for the first time, be able to see your site in all its design beauty!

This opens up your website to a whole new audience and addresses the issues many Moonfruit website owners have had for a number of years.

Examples of Flash vs HTML5 Moonfruit Websites

If you have a tablet or Apple IPAD thingy (one that doesn’t run Flash websites) go grab it and I will show you an example of a Flash based Moonfruit website vs a new one published in HTML5

Moonfruit Flash Based Website : http://www.vintagelovestationery.co.uk/

Moonfruit HTML5 Website : http://examplev6site.moonfruit.com/

See the difference!

Hold on a minute HTML5 is still work in progress

The ability to publish your Moonfruit website in HTML5 Is currently under development and at the preview stage at the moment. You can read more about its official release date and the other new features on the Moonfruit Blog. You can also sign up and have a play yourself.

So get involved, have fun and if your feeling brave and want to show off your new site then please share your handy work by leaving a comment below.

Moonfruit HTML5 – Update

Moonfruit html 5

Exciting news for all of you looking forward to the biggest Moonfruit update, namely the ability to publish your website in HTML5.

Fresh off the press from the Moonfruit Blog is that the first release of the HTML5 upgrade is finally on its way.

According their update the rollout will begin at the beginning of November and run through to the end of February.

Once your site is in HTML5 it will be viewable on Mobiles which, as we know, is how a vast majority of internet users are now choosing to access websites.

This is going to be great!

You can read the full article on the Moonfruit Blog.

Moonfruit Website Example

Moonfruit Website Example

Here is another fabulous example of a website built using Moonfruit.

Notice the use of colours and pictures that compliment the content of the site.

Great Job!

I Do In Vintage

I Do In Vintage

6 Fresh Professional and Easy to Use Moonfruit Templates

6 Fresh Professional and Easy to Use Moonfruit Templates

The template designers at Moonfruit have been busy and just launched for you 6 Fresh and Easy to use templates.

Here is a preview. You will see I have called each one by its ‘Moonfruit name’

Template 1 – Edge

Edge Moonfruit Template

Edge Moonfruit Template

Template 2 – Tea And Cakes

Tea and Cakes Moonfruit Template

Tea and Cakes Moonfruit Template

Template 3 – Photographic 

Photographic Moonfruit Template

Photographic Moonfruit Template

Template 4 – The Troubles

The Troubles Moonfruit Template

The Troubles Moonfruit Template

Template 5 – Green Tips

Green Tips Moonfruit Template

Green Tips Moonfruit Template

Template 6 – Interi

Interi Moonfruit Template

Interi Moonfruit Template

So over to you, tell us what you think of these templates, better still if you have created a new website using these templates then please post your comments and link below.

If you want to know more about webdesign then check out The Web Designers Idea Book

This book will provide you with inspiration for your Moonfruit Website and features over 2,000 premium examples of modern web design.

Web Designers Idea Book

Web Designers Idea Book

Moonfruit Shop Example

Here are 3 more very cool online shops which have been built using Moonfruit Shopbuilder.

Just shows what you can do with a bit of imagintion and some hard work you could also make money from your Moonfruit website

Enchanted Willow http://www.enchantedwillow.co.uk/

The Birthing Shirt Company http://www.thebirthingshirtcompany.com/

Ozdendemir http://ozdendemir.moonfruit.com/


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New Moonfruit Shop Templates

New Moonfruit shop Templates

Thinking about setting up a new business, need a shop, well the fantastic team at Moonfruit.com have put together 5 brand new templates, these will really help you get your shop up and running in no time.

As millions of users I’m sure would testify, Moonfruit is a great tool for building an online shop.

Moonfruit is really easy to use and you can modify these templates just they way you want them.

Previously I posted 3 great examples of online shops built using Moonfruit, these will give a you a good idea what others have been able to achieve.

Head on over now to the Moonfruit Blog for a sneek preview of the templates, I know you will love them.

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